Genres: Alternative, Music, Singer/Songwriter, Indie Rock, Pop, Pop/Rock
Released: Mar 21, 2006
℗ 2006 Sub Pop Records

❤Album Review:
Band of Horses is the phoenix ascending from the carcass of Carissa’s Wierd, Ben Bridwell’s and Mat Brooke’s former band. (But what happened to the proposed November 16th?) While the penchant for beautiful melody is present everywhere here, that’s pretty much where the similarity stops. Whereas their former project centered itself on slower-than-codeine-cough-syrup-on-a-cold-day, lushly textured sadpop, Band of Horses is a full-on indie rock band who write and play loud, raw, mid-tempo pop songs, and who really love Neil Young. Gone are the slow, layered, weepy singly tempoed songs of heartbreak and loss. No more violins, no more space, no more no more. Bridwell’s vocals are stretched here (and they could be mistaken for Wayne Coyne or a young Young on first listen), but he and Brooke have a different MO here. They play a plethora of instruments between them, from banjos to pedal steels and piano, and Chris Early plays bass along with an assortment of drummers that include touring kit man Tim Mienig, though Sera Cahoone (another ex-Carissa’s) sits in the chair on about half this set. The ramped up electric guitars are a welcome wind blowing through this heavier, denser music. Check the dreamy Chris Bell-meets-Crazy Horse-teched “First Song,” or the snare-popping “Wicked Gil” with a killer six-string finale. The dynamic in “Funeral” hints at something less meaty but then kicks into gear; it’s nearly anthemic with a wall of stun-electric gits ranked and whirring. There are more meditative moments though. The country-ish “Part One” is acoustic and tender, but “The Great Salt Lake” that follows it is simply majestic. There is a Beach Boys melody in here somewhere (perhaps something extrapolated from “Sloop John B?”) and Bridwell’s vocal warbles dangerously close to B. Wilson’s, but much murkier — a more blissed out, distorted janglefest. “Weed Party” is a silly, raucous country rocker that crosses the Byrds with latter-day Husker Du. The closer is the spare, meditative “St. Augustine,” which is as beautiful as Young’s “Through My Sails” from Zuma. Everything All The Time isn’t a perfect album; it gets a little long in the tooth in places and samey sounding. The exuberance is the mirror image of Carissa’s Wierd’s downer reserve; it’s as if the fellas were trying really — perhaps a little too — hard to distance themselves from their previous incarnation. Nonetheless, it’s a decent first effort that warrants repeated listening.

Band of Horses为另类民谣团Iron & Wine暖场而得到美国独立名厂Sub Pop的注意,在06年3月就发行他们处女作,开始获得许多音乐杂誌、网站的肯定推荐,刁钻出名的Pitchfork就给了8.8分的超高评价。乐团也开始「马」不停蹄的巡迴表演,成为2006年最令人注目与惊喜的乐团。两位温柔大鬍子造型的主要团员Ben Bridwell ( Guitar / Vocal )、Mat Brook ( Bass )指定曾帮Modest Mouse制作专辑的Phil ek 担任制作人,使得这张有著细腻情感的专辑依然保有摇滚乐团该有的力道及粗礪质地。

第一首歌「The First Song」第一声刷下的吉他和弦就有一种浓到化不开的铭心痛楚,Ben Bridwell以他独特的高亢嗓音唱著对於逝去的人与事感到惊慌与不知何去何从。这份灰暗的情绪也延续在「Funeral」这首歌,并且更加浓烈,一波波带著伤感的音符不断钻进心窝,怎能不教人鼻酸。不过专辑内并非都是如此消极的氛围,「Wicked Gil」、「Our Swords」、「Weed Party」这些中快版简单又爽朗的吉他摇滚也能让你的脑袋瓜边听边晃。尤其是「Weed Party」这首歌更令我想起已经解散的Luna。从小听Neil Young长大的Band of Horses成员,乐评常说他们身上有REM的味道,这样的形容或许可以在「Part One」、「I Go To The Barn Because I Like The」、「Monsters」、「ST. Augustine」这些带点乡村民谣味道的小品里找到一些蛛丝「马」迹。而且「ST. Augustine」这首旋律温醇加上有点印象派色彩的诗意歌词的末曲,让整张专辑结束的非常浪漫与完美。Ben Bridwell在这首歌里的嗓音是否会让你想到The Flaming Lips的Wayne Coyne?

如果你觉得很难找到一张从头到尾都好听的唱片,如果你是Built To Spill、 Arcade Fire、The Flaming Lips的乐迷,Band of Horses的专辑Everything All The Time,必定能让你内心深处的情感一次痛快的宣泄出来!别错过了哦!

❤Track List:
01. The First Song
02. Wicked Gil
03. Our Swords
04. The Funeral
05. Part One
06. The Great Salt Lake
07. Weed Party
08. I Go to the Barn Because I Like The
09. Monsters
10. St. Augustine