Album: Intimacy (Deluxe Version)
Artist: Bloc Party
Date: 2008.10.28
Genre: Alternative
Size: 185MB
Quality: iTunes AAc音乐
℗ 2008 Bloc Party under exclusive license to Atlantic Recording Corporation in the United States and WEA International Inc. for Canada, Mexico, South America and Central America. All rights reserved.

Intimacy would have been a good name for Bloc Party’s previous album, A Weekend in the City, which was so vulnerable and confessional that it often felt like barely edited diary entries set to music. The album’s take on 21st century life and love was heavy listening in large part because it felt so personal. Bloc Party’s mood is just as dark on Intimacy, which plays a lot like A Weekend in the City’s mirror twin: it’s a breakup album that gives personal situations a political heft. The similarities aren’t really that surprising, considering that Intimacy arrived just a year and a half after A Weekend in the City and also features production work by Jacknife Lee (as well as Silent Alarm producer Paul Epworth). The album begins with two of Bloc Party’s angriest, most experimental songs, which revisit the beat-heavy territory of A Weekend in the City’s “Prayer” with even more charged results. “Ares” is a modern-day war chant, with seething processed guitar lines fueled by huge pummeling drums, the likes of which haven’t been heard since the big beat heyday of the Chemical Brothers and the Prodigy. “Mercury” is cleverly astrological, using a straight description of Mercury’s retrograde conditions (“This is not the time to start a new love/This is not the time to sign a lease”) as a springboard to a self-loathing rant set to wildly spiraling brass and more of those bludgeoning beats. Bloc Party push the envelope hard on both of these tracks, almost to the point of pretension, but not quite; actually, it’s a little anticlimactic when they return to more familiar terrain like “Halo,” which could fit in easily among Silent Alarm’s angsty rockers.

However, the band does find subtle ways to tweak and channel that angst: “Biko” (not the Peter Gabriel song) is dedicated to Kele Okereke’s “sweetheart the melancholic,” but when he sings that “you’ve got to toughen up,” he sings it to himself as much as his lost love, and as the song closes with a swell of backing vocals, it’s clear that he’s singing about more than something between two people. The band captures post-breakup obsession masterfully on the frosty yet strangely hopeful “Signs,” where the way Okereke sings “I could sleep forever these days/’Cause in my dreams I see you again” makes this kind of brooding almost as romantic as actually being in love. “Zephyrus” balances Intimacy’s heartbreak and experimental tendencies into a standout, setting snippets of an argument to strings, choral vocals, and sputtering rhythms. “Ion Square” ends the album on a somewhat uplifting note along the lines of Silent Alarm’s “So Here We Are” or A Weekend in the City’s “I Still Remember,” and as good as it is, it underscores the album’s push-pull between familiar sounds and breaking boundaries. At times, Intimacy feels rushed and predictable, and at others, it’s almost painfully ambitious. However, at its best, it balances Silent Alarm’s focus with A Weekend in the City’s expansiveness. [Intimacy was also released with bonus tracks.

Bloc Party - Intimacy (Deluxe Version) (2008) iTunes Plus AAC M4A 2005年揭开序幕,我们看到Bloc Party这支来自英国伦敦的队伍,得以在芸芸新晋乐团之中突围而出。

年初出版的英国音乐周报NME带来的「The Faces Of '05」封面专题特集,Bloc Party便以封面人物的姿态先拔头筹、成为焦点,其「05新人王」的姿态亦不言而喻。

今天Bloc Party的炙手可热之势,委实不禁叫人联想到在去年锋芒毕露的苏格兰格拉斯哥乐队Franz Ferdinand。凑巧的是彼此同是在1月初被点名为该年头号新希望乐队,继而随即紧接在2月份发表他们教外界引颈以待的处男专辑,天时地利人和各方面都配合得天衣无缝,彷佛是在稳操胜券下发动攻势。

或者,背后能达至天时地利人和,看穿了还不过是唱片宣企与音乐媒体的紧密配合。然而毋庸置疑的是,Bloc Party的而且确是一支教人赞叹不已的优秀乐队,打造出爽劲、紧凑、慑人而充满张力的Art School Punk音乐。

甚么新Franz Ferdinand?
Bloc Party在去年初露锋芒,名气不胫而走,导致为他们招来「新Franz Ferdinand」的美誉

★Track List
01. Ares
02. Mercury
03. Halo
04. Biko
05. Trojan Horse
06. Signs
07. One Month Off
08. Zephyrus
09. Talons
10. Better Than Heaven
11. Ion Square
12. Letter to My Son
13. Your Visits Are Getting Shorter
14. Flux
15. Talons (Acoustic)
16. Signs (Acoustic)
17. Talons